Water Damage Carpet Restoration Sydney

Reliable and Efficient Water Damage Carpet Restoration Sydney

Since last two decades Sydney Cleaning Support is a service provider known for its effective cleaning services and quality customer service.

We have been delivering reliable, professional, and highly affordable water damage carpet restoration services in all areas of Sydney. We do undertake all sorts of carpet cleaning services but saving your carpets from serious water damage is one of our specialities. Our specific department for this task ensures that we are able to help everyone in need anywhere in Sydney without any unwanted delays.

Water damage of any kind – be it from flood or a leakage at home, could become very serious if not handled at the right time. It is capable of not just damaging your furniture, carpets, walls, floors, but also your health. Yes, it has been found that stagnant water, and especially sewage water, has the potential to cause serious health hazards. And when you don’t treat it for a long time then even the carpet could get damaged beyond repair. Water goes deep inside the fabric of the carpets and leaves moisture content. This leads to production and growth of virus, bacteria, mould, and all sorts of contaminants, making your carpet utterly unhygienic and absolutely unsafe for the inhabitants.

At Sydney Cleaning Support we have the finest and safest solutions for all kinds of water damaged carpets. From regular carpet cleaning to water damage carpet cleaning services such as storm water on carpet, washing machine flooded carpet, hot water system leak on carpet, tap water overflow on carpet, roof leak on carpet, and flood damaged carpet – we have the means to handle it all!

Water Damage Carpet Restoration Sydney

Our Complete Water Damaged Carpet Restoration Process

Water damaged carpet restoration services require proper training and experience. Our experts have been restoring carpets for years now and they always adhere to the following complete process for outstanding results:
  • Inspection/Moisture Test – The first thing our carpet cleaners do once they reach your place is to inspect the affected area, remove furniture that could be spoiled because of water, and check for the extent of damage taken place. They perform a moisture test with the help of a moisture meter to see what level of damage has been done. We even check for sub-flooring because even if the surface looks dry, the sub-floor could be wet.
  • Water Extraction – Next step is to extract excess water from the carpets. This is accomplished using powerful vacuums to avoid any further damage.
  • Drying – Our experts follow a two step drying process which involves air movers and dehumidifying process. We use advanced air dryers/ air movers for moisture evaporation from the carpets. We install these air movers on the carpets for complete drying and keep an eye on the process. It takes around 2-7 days for complete process.
  • Dehumidifying – The second step of drying process is dehumidification that is used to remove all moisture content from the carpet. We have latest dehumidifiers that can be used in severe cases where moisture content is too much. This process ensures that mould and fungus do not grow because of left over moisture.
  • Fabric Protection – We have special fabric protectors to keep your carpets safe from future growth of contaminants because of water that goes deep inside the carpets.
  • Anti-microbial Application – Anti-microbial solution are applied to get rid of water odour from the carpets. In case of mould growth, we also use a deodorizer.
  • Anti Browning Treatment – And then we apply our exclusive anti browning treatment to the affected carpets for enhanced results.
  • Steam Clean: Carpet steam cleaning takes place once the carpets are absolutely dry. We also deodorize them to eliminate any bad odor.
  • Sanitizing – The last step is to sanitize the carpets and set the piling using a soft brush to retain their softness.
  • Final Carpet Inspection – This enables us to ensure that your carpet has been properly restored and can be used again with full confidence!

Why Choose Us for Water Damaged Carpet Restoration Services

Sydney Cleaning Support is a state-of-the-art water damaged carpet restoration service provider in Sydney. With over two decades of experience in this industry, we continuously work hard to outgrow our own achievements and deliver perfect restoration and carpet cleaning services to our domestic and commercial clients.

We offer certain special features that make us the preferred choice of thousands of clients all across Sydney

  • Lowest prices for water damaged carpet cleaning services in Sydney.
  • Compassionate staff who is always there in every manner in a devastating water situation.
  • Trained, certified, licensed, and experienced technicians who know how to take things in control in utter chaos.
  • Most advanced cleaning equipment using which we restore your carpets in the finest possible way.
  • Eco-friendly and absolutely chemical free cleaning solutions that leave no carbon footprints on the environment.
  • Same day and emergency services because we understand water damaged carpet restoration services are required urgently.
  • Guaranteed results for carpet restoration services.
  • We employ quick drying methods.
  • We use hi-tech vacuuming for more effective results.
  • We ensure complete removal of contaminants and odour.

Water situations are tough to be handled and are often time consuming and therefore it is crucial to call the experts immediately to avoid any unwanted damage. At Sydney Cleaning Support, we design all our policies, cleaning plans, and water damage cleaning restoration methods in accordance with your individual requirements. Our carpet restoration specialists have required qualification, license, experience, knowledge, cleaning solutions, intentions, and passions to deliver excellent carpet restoration services.

Remember Sydney Cleaning Support in case of any kind of water emergency and we promise to save you from carpet replacement by restoring your carpets!