How do I asses if my grouts have been sealed or not?

It doesn’t require professional skills to be sure whether the tiles have been covered with sealant or not. All you need to do is spritz a few drops of water and let it say for about 5 minutes before wiping it off with a cloth. If the water soaks in or leaves a mark on the floor surface, it is a clear indication that there is either n sealer or a reapplication is necessary.

People follow many cleaning methods such as carpet steam cleaning, rotary scrubber cleaning, and encapsulation carpet cleaning. We suggest steam cleaning is the most effective method of eliminating contaminants among the all three methods. Even all the carpet manufacturers recommend Steam cleaning method to follow.

Yes, at Sydney Cleaning Support we have exclusive stain removal techniques to clean your tiles and make them spotless. Our certified cleaners remove all stains no matter how tough they are. We use pre-treatment option for difficult stains if required. Bring new shine to your tiles with our exceptional tile and grout cleaning services.

No, not with our cleaning solutions. At Sydney Cleaning Support we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions for carpet cleaning. We do not use any kind of harmful chemicals that could leave any carbon footprints on our green environment. So be assured that not just your carpets but your kids and pets are also safe while we do the carpet cleaning.