Pro Tips To Keep Your Tile Floors Squeaky Clean

Keeping the floor squeaky clean is the most difficult task. Mostly homeowners sweep the floor and do not clean it deeply. Unclean floor not only leaves a bad impression on the guests who arrives at your place but it even spreads a lot of allergen to your family too. So it is very important to do a through floor tile cleaning. You need to take care of your tiles and grout so that it doesn’t attract stains, dirt and mould. Professionals advise some tile and grout cleaning tips which will help in keeping your floor in good condition.

Pro Tips To Keep Your Tile Floors Squeaky Clean

Tips To Keep The Floor Spotless and Cleaned

  • Regular Cleaning:

    To keep your tiles and grout shining, all you have to do is regularly clean them using an appropriate solution. Cleaning often will increase the life of your tiles and grout. Sweep your floor to remove all the dirt particles and then mop it with clean water. Following this procedure regularly will help you to keep your tile floor utterly polished and fresh.
  • Do Not use Too Many Chemicals:

    Using too much of chemicals can harm your tiles or sometimes it even leads to discolouration. So make sure to use less amount of detergent to clean your tiles and grout. Choose the best products available in the market for cleaning. Try to pick up an eco-friendly product so that there is no chance of any reaction on your floors. 
  • Usage Of Best Mop:

    Make sure you don’t use a sponge mop instead put to use the rag mops. When you choose sponge mop what happens is it directly drive the water into the grouts. So the professionals always recommend using a rag mop while performing the Tile and Grout Cleaning Sandringham job.
  • Treat The Stains:

    Sometimes your floor may get stained so it is necessary to treat them with the best and effective solution. There are a lot of homely methods through which you can remove the stains present on your tiles such as baking soda solution, vinegar solution and so on. For lovely flooring, you should perform an effective tile stain removal job.
  • Clean the Corners Too:

    Many homeowners do not clean the corners of the floor. For a squeaky clean floor, you should even clean the corners. You can find a bunch of dirt particles in the corners of your floor. So ensure that you are paying special attention to the corners and cleaning that part effectively.
  • Water Change:

    Do not use dirty water to clean the whole floor. Using the dirty water will leave the spots on your floor and wet dirt particles too. Whenever you get down to clean your floor make sure you are changing the water continuously. Using freshwater after a while will leave no watermarks and will also flawlessly clean the floor. 
  • Clean The Grout Too:

    Do not just clean your tiles but clean the grouts too. Many people do not clean the grout and this will later turn the floor look grimy. Use the best techniques and methods to clean the grout. Apply the suitable paste and then let it be for some time. After a few hours take a brush and scrub it properly. Wash out the paste using warm water. If you want to see your floor gleaming then do not forget to clean the grout.
  • Let The Floor Dry:

    Do not use the floor if it is wet. Let it dry properly so that there are no footmarks visible. If you want to use the floor urgently then take ab fresh and neat cloth and mop around.

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